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Counter Cultural Festivals of the 1960's!!!

1968 - Democratic Presidential Convention
1960's overview
A Time of Music & Fashion
1960 - The Newport Jazz Festival
1961 - Gerde's Folk City
1962 - The American Folk Blues Festival
1963 - March on Washington
1964 - Summer of Love
1965 - Watts Riot
1966 - Trips Festival
1967 - Monterey Pop Festival
1968 - Democratic Presidential Convention
1969 - Woodstock
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Democratic Presidential Convention

In 1964 there was a convention in Atlantic City for Lyndon Johnson to be nominated for president. Outside the hall you had civil rights leaders who were demonstrating and saying the Democrats should move faster on civil rights, even though Johnson got the Civil Rights Act through Congress just the previous month - integrating public facilities - inside the hall you had two states in the South that were ready to walk out in protest over civil rights.




By The 1960's Group: Katie R., Arnika, Wes, & Isaac.