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Counter Cultural Festivals of the 1960's!!!

1967 - Monterey Pop Festival
1960's overview
A Time of Music & Fashion
1960 - The Newport Jazz Festival
1961 - Gerde's Folk City
1962 - The American Folk Blues Festival
1963 - March on Washington
1964 - Summer of Love
1965 - Watts Riot
1966 - Trips Festival
1967 - Monterey Pop Festival
1968 - Democratic Presidential Convention
1969 - Woodstock
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Monterey Pop Festival

Officially dubbed THE FIRST ANNUAL MONTEREY INTERNATIONAL POP MUSIC FESTIVAL, the event provided three days of thrity-two acts. Two years before Woodstock, over 200,000 young people gathered in and around the Monterey County Fairgrounds for a celebration of MUSIC, PEACE, FLOWER-POWER AND LOVE.

By The 1960's Group: Katie R., Arnika, Wes, & Isaac.