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Counter Cultural Festivals of the 1960's!!!

1966 - Trips Festival

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1966 - Trips Festival
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Trips Festival

In 1966 some associates staged a parade down on Montgomery Street, in the heart of San Francisco's. Office workers were celebrating with the traditional ritual of shredding the past year's calendars and throwing the paper out the windows. The real reason for the parade was to get a little press attention for an event three weeks in the future, a sort of circus that would gather together the Acid Test, the Open Theater, Tape Music Center activities, rock bands, light shows and everything else the organizers could think of. The name was straightforward: the Trips Festival.


Acid Test

The Grateful Dead swept in, with the Acid Test, which was fait accompli. Dancing, strobes, ultraviolet lights that made Day-Glo paint fluoresce all the more brightly, strange things being written on the overhead projector and flashed on the wall (Anybody who knows he is God go up onstage) and announced over the loudspeakers. The crowd was so psychedelicized nobody seemed to pay him any particular mind.


By The 1960's Group: Katie R., Arnika, Wes, & Isaac.