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Counter Cultural Festivals of the 1960's!!!

1960 - The Newport Jazz Festival

1960's overview
A Time of Music & Fashion
1960 - The Newport Jazz Festival
1961 - Gerde's Folk City
1962 - The American Folk Blues Festival
1963 - March on Washington
1964 - Summer of Love
1965 - Watts Riot
1966 - Trips Festival
1967 - Monterey Pop Festival
1968 - Democratic Presidential Convention
1969 - Woodstock
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Trumpet Playing 1

Newport Jazz Fastival

The Newport Jazz Festival was where anybody who was anybody in jazz would go to sing to there hearts content. They would be surrounded by people who felt what they were playing or singing. It was actually more of a exclusive club then a rally, but none the less great music minds would come in and out of this festival with there music and share with there friends how they felt. Now 44 years later we have CD's from each year the Newport jazz Festival went on.




By The 1960's Group: Katie R., Arnika, Wes, & Isaac.