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Media and Body Image

Past & Current Situations!

What's the differences between the 50's look and today?

The 1950's Look


  • The perfect figure in the 1950s was about 5'8" 132lbs.
  • Fifty years ago being curvy and voluptuous was greatly desired by North American women thanks to Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield.
  • By today's standards, Marilyn Monroe would be considered fat.

Today's Look


  • The average modern model is 5'10" 110lbs.
  • The message media is feeding to consumers is "the thinner and prettier you are, the more accepted and admired you will be by everyone."
  • Twenty years ago, models weighed 8% less than the average women. Nowadays, they weigh 23% less.

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By: Katie R, Alex H, Hannah M, Rachael M!